Service & Solutions

Security Operation Service



Insung Digital offers high-quality networks and server systems management services. Insung Digital focuses on the development and operations of value-added services to the benefit of its customers’ cost and resource management in managing their facilities.

Cube Sec IDC is a major value-added service, which directly offers security, control systems, diagnostics, and maintenance in order to provide qualtiy service and technical support. Rather than trial-and-error, we provide a multi-faceted analysis along with differentiated services for the success of our clients.

Management Service Provider (MSP)

Management Service Provider is a service that provides customers with a stable network both within and outside the IDC, so that customers can effectively manage a variety of support services including technical assistance and monitoring. Through analysis of the customer’s infrastructure, we can ensure smooth operations.

The MSP service is monitored 24 hours a day in order for problems to be detected early on at which point we can provide the necessary support for our customers.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

The IDC is able to detect security breaches and/or malicious traffic in a customer’s network or system. The IDC is able to to actively defend itself 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through controls, analysis, and reporting.

Insung Digital offers essential services for network-based security management and integrated operations. We can ensure efficiency, reliability, and stability through our IDC and MSP services which delivers on quality integrated management services globally.

Global Management

We make use of Thailand’s strategical geographic location to offer services to neighboring countries.

Starting with initial technical support offers for Southeast Asia, Insung Digital is set to expand by adding a second hub control and connection center to the region.

Currently, we offer quality technical support to local businesses in South Korea. We also offer our clients remote control services for clients in Japan, The Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.